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Did just the mention of posture make you sit straight? You may have a a problem that will only get worse without doing something about it soon.

Posture and pain

Poor posture is becoming increasingly common in the office, and I would like to give you the tools to help reduce your exposure to the bad habits that can lead to poor posture.

If you have noticed yourself that you slouch in your chair, or if you have shoulder pain, chest pain, upper back pain, neck pain or headaches you may be suffering from the effects of poor posture already. Not to mention the long term damage it can cause to our spine and nervous system. The smallest imbalance of muscles can put enormous amounts of stress on the neck and back, leading to sore muscles and a stiff neck and back. Don't let these problems afflict you.

May is National Posture Month and I would like to invite you into the office to have your free posture analysis performed. Schedule an appointment to come in and have a brief digital analysis done on your spine. It's pain free and only takes a few moments. Take that first step toward better posture, better health, and better quality of life.

Call today! Limited openings available.

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