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Every so often your body decides to remind you that it is not in perfect working order by giving you an ache or a pain to think about. This helps protect your body by tightening up muscles and developing an avoidance behavior so that area is protected for a time. In the case of low back injuries this is much harder if we want to live our daily lives normally.

It is always important to get ourselves checked by a professional when we are hurt. Sometimes the most seemingly minor injuries can be caused by something much more serious, which is why your medical provider should be thorough in asking background questions and combining that with your complaints to make an educated decision as to what's really going on.

You may have a simply injury which may heal by itself over time, or it may develop into something much more serious. Whichever the case may be, it is almost always easier to get you back on the road to recovery early on. So don't wait to be seen. Even in simply injuries, once scar tissue is developed, your treatment time may be extended by months or longer.

If you like living in pain you may be able to "live with it." If you don't like being in pain, and would like to get back to being fully active, working normally, playing with the kids or the dog, then why wait to get better?

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