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  1. PLAN AHEAD. If your goal is to lose 100 lbs before your wedding next month, then you are setting yourself up for failure. Now, if you tell yourself you'd like to lose 50 lbs this year that is a little more feasible. Give yourself enough time to accomplish your goal and you will be more likely to keep on track. I don't usually recommend trying to lost more than 1-2 lbs per week.

  2. THINK SLOW. I know it sounds way better to be 50 lbs lighter in 5 weeks, but what happens at week six? Those fast diet habits go away, exercise stops and you're done with your weight loss goal.. Now the weight starts coming back. Plan on losing 1-2 pounds per week. It takes longer, but you are building habits this way, and monitoring yourself. You are more likely to maintain weight loss if a healthy habit has been established.

  3. SET GOALS YOU CAN REACH. Have a short term goal for this month and for the the entire year, but make them attainable. If you set an impossible goal you will get frustrated and quit; however, setting a goal that seems easy will encourage you to keep going. Believe it or not, most people enjoy winning, and you are the only one playing this game. Win or lose it's all on you. Reach your short term goal and set another for the next month, but each time it should be easily reached.

  4. START! Don't just talk about wanting to lose weight. I see people every day whose biggest obstacle is getting started. Once you've made a decision, just start. If you're having difficulty starting think about why. "I'm too lazy." "It's hard." "But I like food too much." "I don't have the time." "I'll do it next week." NO! Start now. Wake up 15 minutes earlier and plan your food for the day, go for a walk, workout, yoga, whatever you choice is you have to start.

  5. SELF REGULATION. In most situations you are your biggest critic and your biggest support. Do it for you, and monitor yourself. Don't rely on others to do it for you. Monitor your own progress so that you know how you're doing. Having a friend or family member help you is fine, but rely on yourself to make those permanent changes.

  6. TELL SOMEONE. You should never be ashamed to tell someone you want to make a healthier choice. Let one, some, or all of your friends and family members know what you are doing. Support is important. They can help encourage through words or actions. It is much easier if you have a partner, but don't let that stop you if they aren't there one day. Depend on yourself.

  7. OUTPUT MUST BE HIGHER THAN INTAKE. If you are trying to lose weight, ultimately you have two options, eat less or exercise more. Most choose a balance of the two. In either case your metabolic output must be greater than your caloric intake. You can still eat many of the things you love if you exercise more. If you hate exercise then you may have to give up some of the foods you love. A good balance is getting rid of junk food and excess salt. Soda and boxed foods contain a lot of empty calories. They don't do much for our body and they provide a large caloric deposit. The more simple carbohydrates you have the more active you should be to get rid of them. A slight decrease in the amount of sugar and salt that your body processes along with a mild increase in exercise can be a game changer. Some of you will need more, but it's a start.

  8. MAKE EXERCISE EASY. Body movement is exercise. Your base metabolic rate is how much energy your body consumes at rest. That means any extra movement is burning calories, so park in the back of the lot and walk, walk to the mailbox, move from your chair every hour for a few minutes, take the stairs when possible and get moving more.

  9. MAKE EXERCISE FUN. Boring exercises and routines for this situation usually don't end like we want them to. If you aren't used to an exercise routine you need to have something fun to do. Think of your favorite hobby and see if you can add some activity to it. Like watching T.V.? Stand up. Like reading? Rock in your chair. Classes, dancing, buddies and music are some other ways to make it fun, but make sure, as soon as you feel yourself get bored, that you add to it or change it up.

  10. LOSE IT. In the end make sure you are meeting your goals and losing the weight. All the clues, tips, and diets in the world don't matter if you're not losing the pounds you want.

I would love to help you plan out this process. We can sit down, do the math, and see what is going to be best for you. With all the diet and exercise options out there it can be overwhelming. Let me take care of that headache for you. We can customize a plan that fits your needs and your lifestyle. Let's start today! Call in for an appointment. (509) 591-4481

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