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February: Matters of the Heart

In February we always think of Valentine's Day and doing something nice for our loved ones. Many times that revolves around heart-shaped candies, chocolates, bouquets and other heart-shaped gifts. While these things help us, emotionally, feel better about ourselves and others, I would like to focus on something different this month.

OUR HEART! Arguably, it is one of our most important organs and has nerve innervation with the Central Nervous System, neck and upper back. If we have issues with our head, neck or upper back it may be leading to issues related to the heart. High blood pressure is sometimes helped with chiropractic adjustments by clearing a path for the nerves that regulate blood pressure. Chest pains can be spinal related because of the shared nerves. Some heart conditions can be linked back to our spinal nerves.

Having your spine in its optimal alignment can create better blood flow and reduce stress. Each of these in turn helps the heart do its job easier. We wouldn't turn a hose on and then stand on it and wonder why it wasn't working properly. In fact, the first thing most of us do is look for the kink. When body systems aren't working quite right, the first thing your chiropractor does is look for the "kink."

So, next time you're aching, and it doesn't feel like an emergency situation, have your chiropractor check out your alignment. Even the slightest change in our spine can cause unwanted pressure on a nerve, blood vessel or other tissue which makes us operate at less than perfect.

Come see us today to get your spine "un-kinked."

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