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Lower Back Pain (Sciatica)

Do you have a fantastic story as to how you hurt your back? Were you out skydiving, cliff jumping, or mountain biking and had a crash you wish was on camera? Is adventure your middle name and this time adventure took its toll? Were you performing a daredevil feat to defy gravity? Well, if you are like most people, probably not.

More often I have patients in the office because over time their body is slowly failing to do its job. The ache begins small and you think it’s okay so you keep going. One day you notice that the pain hasn’t gone away like you thought, but “It’s still not that bad. I can live with this.” If you have ever had this thought, or a similar one, you are setting yourself up for bigger injuries, more risk, and a poorer quality of life.

Repetitive stress to the low back through daily activities or poor posture is one of the most common causes of low back pain, often referred to as sciatica. Our bodies are dynamic and are not designed to be used over and over in the same directions. We do not exist in a single plane, but multiple. So, why do we let ourselves get out of bed, go to work, go home and cook dinner, sit on the couch, and then go back to bed?

“Variety is the spice of life.” This is a term that is used for all sorts of situations, but in this instance I mean GET MOVING! Do something new and different with your body on a regular basis. Use your non-dominant hand to tie your shoes, do different exercises daily, pick up a new sport, sleep on a different side of the bed, or rotate your work station set-up occasionally. This keeps your body on its toes, ready to do something new.

If we just repeat the same tasks every day, your muscles will develop a “memory” for those tasks and become fatigued over time. Other muscles will feel neglected and become flaccid and weak. This sets our body up for failure. That repetition may lead to failure, or one sudden movement in a new direction may go awry. However, it is not routinely due to some amazing adventurous mishap.

Low back pain haunts many of us as we sit, as we work, as we try to fall asleep, and early in the morning. As the pain worsens it may spread up the back, or down into the hips and legs (sciatica).

Chiropractic care is a perfect, non-invasive, treatment option to get rid of the pain. Most treatments are relatively pain free, and the muscle work we perform helps our adjustments sit better with you. If that’s not enough, we provide: traction, rehabilitation, exercise training, home care instruction and many more techniques to make sure you feel the best you can.

If you’re nervous, or have never been to a chiropractor before, we have a free consultation option. This allows you the chance to come in and see if it’s the right fit for you. So, there is no excuse anymore. Start doing something about your pain today. Call (509) 591-4481.

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