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Were you hurt in a car accident?

The last few weeks have been particularly poor road conditions. This resulted in hundreds upon hundreds of car wrecks, whether you slid off the road, bumped into someone else, or got bumped into yourself. Either way it's not a good feeling to be involved in any auto accident. Not to mention the aches and pains that creep up on you over the next few weeks.

It is very important to realize, like you insurance companies do, that you may not hurt immediately after an accident. Your muscles may feel a bit stiff or sore, but then it goes away. Then, all of the sudden, a month later your neck and back both hurt and your headaches are getting worse. So, now you decide it's time to go get looked at.

Well, dealing with an injury after a month is okay. Within the first 2-3 days of an accident would be better though. After one month our body is well on it's way to healing itself, even if it isn't repairing quite correct. Sometimes you may be left with scar tissue that limits your motion, causes continued aches or pains, and may eventually lead to even bigger problems.

So, whether you felt fine, got a little whiplash, or just feel fine make sure you get examined and do a little bit of therapy to help yourself.

Here at Allen Family Chiropractic we love giving you the information and the tools to help your body repair itself quickly and correct. After auto accidents you'll spend the first few visits getting more muscle work (massage, stretching, and range of motion exercises) to help reduce the risk of lasting scar tissue or future mobility issues. The adjustments are simple and help improve motion in the spine and extremities. But our specialized rehab exercise programs are where you will really start to feel like yourself again. So, whether you are seriously hurt or just a little sore, let us help you today! Call for more information. 509-591-4481

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