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Balance and Sports Training

Have you ever felt unsteady on your feet? Does your child stumble or trip a lot? Is your sibling "clumsy" and constantly falling? This could be signs of a problem with coordination and balance, and in many cases it is retrainable.

The coordination and balance centers of our brain work heavily with our muscles to make sure we stay up right and moving. However, if their is a break in this communication our muscles become underdeveloped, our brain loses the ability to correctly communicate balance and we begin stumbling, tripping, falling or, even more subtly, perform at less than our best.

If you've noticed these problems in you or someone you know we can help. Our custom wobble boards, balance games, and coordination activities are for everyone. If you're an athlete wanting to perform better, and adult wanting an extra workout challenge, a senior at risk for fall, or just want to stop having clumsy feet we will help.

Our balance only gets worse if we don't use it.

Keep challenging yourself.

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